# Make the first API request

API access will be granted after registration. To use the API - copy the API token from the block "Your API key" and use it in the project. The API is protected by a unique Token, which is only available for one account.

# Data source

Data on settlements and post offices are taken from closed and open sources. Data from sources is processed programmatically and generated as a structured response API.

# Advantages of paid subscription

By purchasing a paid subscription, you can access the directory of settlements and post offices throughout Ukraine with an extended set of data. There are restrictions on requests for a paid subscription.

# How does a paid subscription work?

By choosing a tariff plan, you make a monthly or annual subscription to the specified data set and the number of requests. Within a month, you have access to a limited number of requests. Thus we protect ourselves from loads.

You will receive a new number of tariff requests each month. The accrual date is assigned by the current date of the next period at the time of registration of the tariff plan.

If you have exhausted the number of requests before the date of accrual of new requests - access to the API will be blocked. However, you can change the tariff plan and receive new requests.

If you do not run out of requests by the end of the period - the old number of requests burns and you are charged a new amount of requests.

Every month or year (depending on the selected tariff plan) the service will automatically remind you of the need to renew the subscription for using the service in the user's personal account.

If the subscription is not renewed - the use of the paid subscription will be terminated upon completion and you will switch to the free tariff plan.

# Documentary proof of payment

Debiting funds to pay for services is confirmed by an extract from your card, as well as a notice of granting you access to the paid tariff plan, which is sent at the time of crediting funds.

The proof of payment is available on your Payment History page.

# I have run out of queries. What shall I do?

You can switch to a new tariff plan with more requests. This can be done in the 'Subscriptions and Payments' section. Unspent days will be listed and accounted for automatically.

The rule works only when the tariff is increased. If you switch to a lower rate, the paid period is not recalculated.

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